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Head down the stairs as soon as you exit the apartment complex. take a left turn to find a first-aid kit. You can never have too many of these. Now head down the opposite side.

Keep going until you reach the end of the street, then turn left. Once again keep going and a small cutscene will appear. Once the cutscene is through continue down the street.

Head up the stairs near where you talked with the kid. You'll find 2 boxes of handgun bullets. After taking them head back down and follow the path that you were on earlier. Don't worry it's linear, you can't get lost.

There's going to be a small monologue as soon as you hit Rosewater Park. So after James is done talking keep going forward. There's a health drink above the stairs if you want to get it.

If not then keep going forward until you see the gazebo. There's some handgun bullets sitting on the bench. Grab them then continue going down the path until you see the lake. Grab the health drink near the binoculars.

Turn left and keep going until you find a woman. A small dialogue will play out between her and James, then you'll gain a walk buddy.

Once Maria joins you keep heading towards the same direction as you were earlier until you see another set of stairs, it's a pretty long walk.

Head up stairs and continue going forward until you see a Mannequin at the right side of the road. Kill it and grab the health drink. Proceed towards the exit of Rosewater Park. Check your map and head towards Texxon Gas Station.

When you get there you'll find a car that's seen better days. Examine it and you'll be able to pull the pipe out of its hood.

In the same gas station there's an ice cream truck looking van. Grab the health drinks and bullets in front of it andturn right towards the corner of the building to find more health drinks.

Now open your map again and head for the Bowling Alley. Examine the door and Maria will insist on being left outside stating that she hates bowling.

Inside the Bowling alley enter the white door that's immediately to your right. Enter through it and a small cutscene will play.

After the cutscene make your way to the other side of the room and enter through the blue door. You'll exit behind the counter. Leave the counter area and James and Eddie will have a small dialogue.

Head down the bowling area and grab the handgun bullets on the third rail from the right. Then follow Laura out the door. Continue through the main door to exit the Bowling alley.

Once you get outside Maria will come running towards you. She'll point you towards where Laura ran to. So run in that direction and enter the Bowling alley's parking lot.

Keep going all the way to the back and you'll find a metal gate that's opened. Head through the gate and into an alleyway.

Go towards James's left and keep walking until a cutscene plays. Maria will open the door for you and you can enter the Heaven's night club.

Go up the stairs and enter through the green door. There's not much to see here since all of the doors will have broken locks.

Grab the first-aid kit that's on one of the chairs at the club. Then head out through the door beside the "Heaven's Night" sign.

Open your map and head down south of Carroll St. Keep going until you see Laura.

Enter the hospital and you'll be inside another long puzzle solving level.