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Silent Hill 2 Walkthrough Wood Creek Apartment Part 3

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Turn left as soon as you exit the room, kill the Lying figure to avoid further disturbances. After killing it head down the hallway until you see room 209. There's going to be a note on it so read that and head back towards the exit sign.

Grab the map on the left side of the door and head downstairs. Go to downstairs and enter the first floor hallway.

Look for room 109 as soon as you get to the 1st floor. If you haven't met Eddie yet, this room would be blocked by some kind of "power" but after meeting Eddie you should be able to enter it.

Grab the handgun bullets on the couch and examine the white door on the opposite side of the couch. A small cutscene will play.

Grab the coin on top of the table as soon as the cutscene ends. This is the last coin you'll need to find and we're almost out of this place. Now head back into the hallways.

Turn right and keep walking until you find room 105. It's pretty easy to miss this room since it's so dark in this area so if you're having a hard time finding it I would suggest to check your map.