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Silent Hill 2 Walkthrough Wood Creek Apartment Part 2

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Enter through the hole behind the clock and into the living room. There's a health drink on top of the kitchen counter, grab it and save your game. Then exit into the hallway.

Turn left after exiting the room and exit through the blue door at the end of the short hallway. Climb up to the third floor and grab the handgun bullets that are sitting on the handrail, then proceed to enter the blue door behind it.

Head down the hall and enter room 307. Don't bother with the other doors they'll all have broken locks. A cut scene will play out.

After the cutscene grab the key that's inside the cabinet that James was hiding in and head back out into the hallway.

Continue walking down the hallway and take a left turn when you come up on a branching path. Grab the key that was previously kicked away from you by the little girl and enter the laundry room to find some handgun bullets.

Enter room 303 and kill the Lying figure. Grab the first-aid kit and in the living room, a health drink in the kitchen and some handgun bullets in the left side bedroom.

Exit room 303 and head further down the hallway. Be careful there's two Lying figures here, so take them down one at a time to avoid unnecessary damage. After killing both of them head for the last door on the right side of the hall.

Make your way down the stairs and into the 1st floor of the apartment building. Then head through the broken door.

Grab the canned juice at the end of the hallway, you'll need it later. Now head back out through the main door at the lobby. James should be able to unlock it now and use it in the future.

Head left and keep going until you see a small alley. It's not important right now but keep this place in mind for later. Enter through the main doors that you first came in through the very first time you went into the apartment.

You can save your game at the main hall if you want to. After that head up the stairs and enter the 2nd floor. Go inside the laundry room and open your inventory. Use the canned juice and James will drop it down the chute.

Head back downstairs and out the main doors. Now go down the alley that you saw earlier and the garbage bag that you flushed down the chute should be there. Examine it to get the old man coin and an article about Walter Sullivan.

Go inside the apartment building and use examine the door beyond the stairs. James will use the courtyard key and you'll be able to go outside.

Head for the pool and take out your handgun. There's three Lying figures inside the pool. They can't get out but they can spit acid at you so keep your distance and shoot at them.

Head down the pool when they're dead and examine the stroller parked at the middle of it. You'll get the snake coin. Now head out the pool but don't enter back the same way you did earlier.

Take the door on the left instead of the one you went through and you'll be able to access a part of the building that was blocked inside.

Turn right and kill the two Lying figures that are walking around the hallway. Make your way to the end of the hallway and enter room 101.

You'll hear some horrible sounds once you enter the room but don't worry there's no enemy. Head towards the window and grab the handgun bullets. Examine the bedroom door on the left side and you'll find an unpleasant scene.

Leave the room and continue down the other side of the hall. Enter room 104 and kill the Lying figure then grab the handgun bullets on top of the chair.

Exit room 104 and head towards the courtyard again. This time you need to go back to the first apartment building.

Head back inside the apartment building and up the stairs to the second floor. Take the left side of the hallway and keep going until you see the fire escape. Examine it and James will use the fire escape key. James will also enter the next building through the window.