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Silent Hill 2 Walkthrough Toluca Prison

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You'll have a brief reunion with Eddie.

After the dialogue, head back towards the opposite end of the room. Grab the health drinks on top of the cafeteria tables and save your game on the save point.

Check on one of the tray carts after saving your game and you'll acquire the tablet of the glutonous pig. After that use the same door that Eddie left through to exit the room.

Once you exit the door turn left and enter the first door on your right. It would lead you to the holding cells. There's a Lying figure walking about and another Lying figure locked up inside the cell. The one inside the cell is trapped there but it can still spit poison at you. Hug the wall on the left to avoid getting hit by it.

There are 2 open cells here. The first has a box of handgun bullets on the bed and the second has a wax doll sitting on the bed. Grab both of the items and head out the door at the end of the hallway.

Move down the hallway as soon as you leave the room. Kill the Lying figure there and go forward.

There's a table beyond the metal gate. Grab the bullets on top of it and enter the door on the left. We'll ignore the door on the right for now. We'll come back to that later when we have the other tablets.

Instead enter the double doors on the left side and kill the Lying figure that's in there. Grab the rifle bullets on top of the shelf once it's dead.

Exit the room and kill the Lying figure that's walking around. Proceed to the other side of the metal gate and enter the room on the left side.

You'll arrive at a second jail cell area. You'll also hear something horrible walking and whispering sound. Don't worry there's nothing here and the sound are just there to creep you out.

Unlike the other cell corridor, these cells require that you investigate each gate to find which ones are open. The 1st is open but empty. The 8th cell, however, holds the tablet of the oppressor which is also what we need. Grab it and you'll be locked inside the room for a while.

As soon as you exit the cells. Turn left and examine the table to find the prison map. Now move further back down the hallway until you see two doors that are facing each other. Take the door on the right.

Inside you'll find 2 Lying figures. Kill both of them and head further inside the room towards the left branch.

Turn right on the corner and proceed to the third door, it will be broken down and you can enter the shower room. Inside you'll find the tablet of the seductress.

Head back out the way you came and back to the double doors that we ignored earlier (the one in front of the double door with a Lying figure and some rifle bullets inside). Enter the room and head for the middle.

The room is large, dark and creepy but harmless. Open your inventory and combine all 3 tablets. The oppressor, The seductress and The glutonous pig, then use them on the engraving at the front of the gallows. You'll hear a man scream in pain. After that head back out the door and you'll automatically receive a horse shoe.

Now head back through the jail cell (the one on the north side where you got the tablet of the oppressor). And once again exit the cells and enter the door that's parallel to it.

Grab the first-aid kit from the table and head back out the door. Take the door further down the hall to the left of the one you just came out from.

The safety glass... well technically the entire thing will be in ruins. Pass through the mess and leave via the door.

Turn left as soon as you exit the door and enter through the door right next to the one you came out of. Grab the lighter and head out.

Head further down the hall. The men's room has a save point inside so go there and save your game. Then exit the toilets and enter the room on the farthes right side of the hall near the metal gate. Kill the Lying figure then grab the first-aid kit, the ampoule on top of the sink and a health drink on top of a stool.

Enter the door near the stool where the health drink was. Inside theres some handgun bullets on the table which are hidden from your camera angle. Examine the cabinets at the back and grab all the bullets from the cabinet on the right and also the rifle from the middle cabinet.

Exit the rooms and examine the last metal gate near it. It should be open.

Inside you'll see a trap door that sticks out but James can't open it because it doesn't have a handle. Open your inventory and combine the wax doll, the horse shoe and the lighter. Then use it on the trap door.

Once the trap door is open you can examine it. James's fondness for deep dark holes will get the better of him so you can just jump inside.

Turn around and enter through the double doors and you'll arrive at a morgue. A lot of dead bodies for scare factor but they're harmless.

Exit through the double doors on the opposite side of where you entered from and tadah! another deep and dark hole. Seriously with all the bottomless pits we've jumped down from I thought we'd be in Japan by now or something. Anyways head down further int

Head out through the only door in the area and viola! another hole. Seriously this is getting old. What's with James's willingness to jump through these holes anyways? But we still have to jump in so go ahead jump down the rabbit hole.