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Silent Hill 2 Walkthrough The Underground Channels

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Go inside the elevator and grab the supplies from all 4 sides of it. It should start moving soon and yes we're going further down. I don't even have any idea how far down we've already gone.

When the elevator hits the bottom, exit it and you'll see a save point. Exit through the door on the left side of the save point.

Take note of this open doorway with wire strings all over it. We'll be coming back to this later so remember where it is. For now turn left and kill the lurking Lying figures. Ignore the first corner that branches to the right. It's a dead end.

On the second branching path take the left side first. Continue following this path and you'll see another Lying figure. Kill it and take a left turn on the branching paths. Use the ladder to climb down.

Mandarins prowl the floor beneath. So go and take the path that goes north until you see a corner that you can turn to. Just keep running around until you do so the Mandarin won't damage you.

Enter through the door and you're in for a very fun treat.

Yup, that my friend is Pyramid Head's greatsword. The same one he used to nearly cut you in half. Grab it as well as the bullets from the table. A few comments about the greatsword though. It's strong, very strong. It can kill all non-boss enemies in 1 hit. The downside? It's very, very slow. In fact it's so slow that even James's walking speed is affected. He'll walk slower, hit slower and when you get into attacking position, you can't move anymore.

Head back the way you came and up the ladder. Pyramid head actually prowls this area with his spear. So I suggest you don't take too long here.

Ignore the other ladder that's right in front of the one you came up on. Instead head back to the second corner you took (the one after the dead end). Head to the right side this time and down the ladder.

Follow the tunnel through the end. There are 2 Lying figures in here. Be sure to kill both of them since we'll be coming back this way and it's too risky to just run past them. There's a ladder at the end of the tunnel.

Above the stairs there's a room with a cube in the middle and on the next door there's a room with closed doors. You have to turn the cube around and get the door parallel to the entrance to open.