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Silent Hill 2 Walkthrough Boss Battle: Abstract Daddy

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A few notes about Abstract Daddy. The space is small. Far too small to avoid something so large. It's quick, throughout the battle I had a very hard time trying to dodge it. And third don't forget to equip your shotgun like I did. It takes time to shuffle through your guns mid-battle.

If it gets too close, it will start doing this... James can break free faster if you shake the analog stick.

This will be the basic guide to avoiding Abstract Daddy. You should only shoot it from point 1 or 2. I don't recommend firing more than 1 shotgun or rifle round at it. I like the shotgun better since the rifle has a really slow reload time and a slow attack speed. Use the path of the green and orange arrow to runaway from Abstract Daddy.

Occassionally it will fall on the floor. This means you get an extra shot so shoot one more time before you get ready to avoid it.

If this happens, meaning when it gets too close to your escape route. Then use the other side or it will catch you. It can pull you from this distance and unlike Pyramid Heads boss battle, Abstract Daddy isn't slow at all.

Eventually it will fall over and die. And a cutscene will start playing.