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Silent Hill 2 Walkthrough The Hanged Man Puzzle

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After the cutscene leave the room and head for the last door on the left side of the hallway.

As soon as you enter the door you'll see that there's a door right next to the one you just went through. Enter the door.

You'll see some bodies hanging with a noose around their necks. A closer inspection shows you that they were hanged for different reasons

Head out the room and go further down the hallway. The Ignore the last door for now. Instead head inside the door on the left.

Inside the room you'll see a similar order and number of noose as the previous room. Only this time there aren't any bodies on them and there's a notice on the wall. Examine the notice.

The clue will be different for each difficulty as well as the innocent man also being different for each difficulty. This guid was made with the hardest difficulty and I'm aware that the clue and order of the hanged men is different for each difficulty. Thus this will only cover the hard difficulty. First let's take note of the dummies positions.

"So basically we have this order. Now we need to go over the poem and see which one stands out.

Inspect the rope that's the position for the counterfeit body. James will ask you whether you want to pull it down. Choose to pull it down and return to the room where the bodies are hanging.

You'll find the key of the persecuted where the counterfeit body was hanging. Take the key and leave the room.