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Silent Hill 2 Walkthrough The Underground Channels Part 3

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After leaving the room with the bodies. Head for the last door on the corridor. The one that's beside the room with the empty noose.

Use the key of the persecuted on the handcuffs that's holding the crank in place. James will open the door after that. Use the ladder to descend on the lower floors.

Keep following the path until you see the wooden door that's on the opposite side. Ignore the metal door on the right side. That's an event triggered door so it won't unlock yet. Once you enter the door there's going to be a short cutscene.

After the cutscene James will automatically leave the room and the metal gate will be unlocked. Follow the path. There's only one road and it leads to a ladder. Take that ladder back up to higher grounds.

You'll find a first aid-kit as soon as you get up the ladder. Grab it and continue following the hallway and it will lead you into an indoor graveyard.

There are some bullets near the save point. Grab those and head towards the right side of the room. On the lower right side there are some shotgun shells. On the upper mid side there's another box of shotgun shells.

The tombstone of the bottomless grave has an ampoule near it. Grab that. Equip your shotgun and save your game. Feel free to read the tombstones if you want to. Then jump down the deep grave once you're done.

Once again you'll need to make your way down the earth and into god knows where. Keep walking until you get to the door.

It's a pretty long walk, but you'll know when you get there.