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Silent Hill 2 Walkthrough The rotating cube puzzle

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"The rotating cube is unfortunately another random puzzle. There are a few things that I can help you with in order to help you solve the cube. The cube has a similar layout to the room and the hands will cause your entrance to be closed. upside down doesn't always matter. I would suggest for you to make a drawing replica of the room and compare it to the cube.

For me the solution was to place a red-eyed face on the door side of the cube and a reversed blue-eyed face on the side that's facing the ladder. I've seen some people who needed yellow. So it's surely random.

When you get the combination just right the other door, in front of the entrance will open and you'll be able to enter it.

Head down the stairs and there'll be a small dialogue and a cutscene. I won't spoil anything for anyone.