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Silent Hill 2 Walkthrough Historical Society building

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Save your game on the save point as soon as you enter the building. Then head through the broken down door. There are a few paintings on the next room. Feel free to browse around them before entering the next room through the double doors.

In the next room there's a hole in the wall. Silent Hill loves making us go down deeper so take them up on the offer and start climbing down the stairs. It's a long walk down but there's a door at the end of the hallway. Enter through the door.

And we magically end up in a prison. Grab the first-aid kit from the table and exit through the door.

Head out through the metal bars and kill the Lying figure on the right side. Then proceed down the left side and kill the other Lying figure. At this point you should unequip your handgun and start using the metal pipe again to conserve ammo.

Turn right at the corner and enter the room. Inside there's a box of bullets on top of the table. Grab them and examine the pictures if you want to. After that elave the room and proceed further down the hall and enter the door at the end of the hallway.

Inside the room there's a square hole. The same one you saw inside the room in the historical building. examine it and make James jump down. Hole so deep that you can't see what's down there? Sounds good to James apparently.

You'll end up in a shallow well with no way to get out. Start examining the walls of the well until James makes a remark that one of the walls is different.

Start attacking the wall with your steel pipe and it should break after 2-3 hits and a door will be revealed. Head out the door to get to the next area.

Once you're in the sewers looking area turn right and kill both of the Lying figures that are lurking around.

Continue walking forward and you'll see an elevated area of the floor with 2 doors on it. Enter the door on the right.

You'll find another 2 door area. This time one is open but we'll ignore that for now and enter through the door on the right again.

Inside the room there's a key. Grab it and your flashlight will die on you. Open your inventory and use the battery cell that you got from the hospital. Your flashlight should turn on again.

and when it turns on the room will be filled with these annoying little bugs that are not only hard to kill but are also endless.

Head for the door and you'll notice that there's a keypad on the right side of it. Examine it and James will take a closer look at it.

You'll notice that there are 3 buttons on the very top which means we need a 3 digit code. Unfortunately we have no idea what it is. Fortunately the keypad is very worn on 2 keys. 3 and 5 but once again we don't know what combination it is. So I tried entering a random combination 5-3-5 and it worked like a charm. I'm not sure if the code is randomly generated or not.

Now once again head for the door on the opposite end of the hall and you'll notice that it's on the floor... well open your inventory and use the Spiral-writing key that you got from the other room to open the door. Just step on the door and use the key. James should open it.

Once again we'll have to jump the hole. It scares me how willingly James is with jumping through very deep and dark holes.