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Sleeping Dogs Walkthrough Buried Alive

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"When you get to know about Jackie's being kidnapped get to the pointed place and let two thugs scour you.

Beat them up and do the same with their leader. When he loses consciousness grab him and take to the table saw. You'll get a number to their boss.

To trace Zi Wai go on the street and play the mini game you already know. The man you're looking for is in the left upper corner of the quarter.

As you approach the thug, he gets on the motorcycle and starts going away. You have to chase him and destroy his guards on the way.

After stopping Zi Wai's vehicle, he'll start running on feet. Chase and beat him up and his companions. You get a phone number to your enemy.

Call Salty Crab and meet him on the shore. There will be a boat waiting for you. You have to use it to get on the marked island. But before you save Jackie get rid of chasing you motorboats.

When the friend is safe, drive him back to the shore and go take a nap in your flat.