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Sleeping Dogs Walkthrough The Election

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"After getting to the meeting place with Jackie, you'll get beat up and tortured by the gangsters.

A moment later a guard appears. Kill him.

Second one is waiting behind the nearby door. Approach him and press circle to eliminate him.

In the next room you meet a group of thugs. Beat them up in a traditional way and run in the pointed direction.

Going through the next groups of enemies, you get to the point where you meet an armed thug.

Disarm him and take the pistol. Only thanks to that you'll be able to kill enemies in the further part of this building.

There will be many of enemies, but luckily most of them will be standing by the blowing up things. Fire at them and you'll eliminate thugs very quickly.

Going through the next rooms you get to the sauna. Beat up gangsters. After that the encounter with their leader begins.

This encounter is easy if you know what do to. First of all, retaliate enemy's hits and attack only after a successful counterattack. From time to time he'll make a hit which you will be impossible to block. He starts cut Wei with a knife then and your ta