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Follow Naz

"When the introductory film ends, the scene of running away from police begins. Your task is to follow companion and complete the instruction displayed on the screen. Speed up by pressing X button.

When your companion get caught, run forward, going through next doors until you run into police blockade. Here the chase ends, and Wei goes to prison.

After the cut scene follow Jack, who'll take you to the room where you'll be attacked by a group of enemies.

You have to defeat them using the combination displayed. Square is for fist, circle for catching enemies. When you hold a thug, you can throw him at the ground (R2), hit (square) or break on the particular object (run at the wall with pressed X).

This last type use on the thug's leader, aiming at the highlighted object.

When you finish, you'll be introduced to Winston. Talk to him and go out with the rest of gangsters.

In the dark alley you task is to hold enemy's attack. When he lights on red, quickly press the triangle. Doing so, you make a counterattack which will stun your enemy. But remember, that pressing the button too soon makes you lose balance and you won't be able to retaliate for a while.

Vendor Extortion

"When you finish the encounter, you receive a mission to extort money for Winston. Going after Jack you get to the first marked shop. Press triangle and collect money.

At the third and fourth stalls you'll have a fight with groups of thugs.

Defeat them, take the payment and go to the clothes shop. Choosing items from the same set, you get a small bonus to statistics.

After the change, run at the marked direction and the mission ends. You receive experience points in two categories: "Cop" and "Triad". To increase first one, you have to obey the law: do not attack pedestrians, destroy other's things and try to behave rather well. To increase the second one, you have to fight attractively and be very brutal. Points are showing at every meaningful behavior. When you fill the bar of the category, you level up and get new upgrades to choose.

Susan's Lunch

"When you end the mission, a woman needed help will be marked on your map. Yellow mission increases face what allows you to buy better cars and clothes. Take money from the shop assistant and get it to the pointed restaurant.

Night Market Chase

"This time you have to find and beat up Ming. First, go to the pointed trader who'll tell you where to look.

The last enemy you have to hold (circle) and throw into the container. You can jump on it and get higher, where next enemies are waiting.

"At the end Ming will attack you. When you win, the mission ends.

After completing this mission, Wei will automatically return to his apartment. You can sleep there, change clothes check the cameras (more about them later).

When you do all, leave the room and go on car park. Here you can find all vehicles you bought. Choose the only available motorbike and go to the place marked with green. L3 button switches between available goals.

Stick Up and Delivery

"You meet with Jack there, who orders you a mission. Get with him into truck and move to the pointed place.

Beat them up quickly and the chase after the black van begins. You have to follow it all time, destroying its escort on the way.

As you get near any of cars, press square and show the direction of a hit. Your car suddenly accelerates and push the enemy out of the road.

Destroy all targets and then run away from police. The good way is wait for their car and hit it from the side.

When you lost them, return to the pointed place and end mission.

Mini Bus Racket

"After beginning this mission, you'll be driving a bus. Drive to the first bus stop and let your companions out.

When it's done, drive to the third stop. The chase after opponent's bus begins there.

You have to drive very close to the vehicle and honk until the bar from the left side won't fill. Then the bus stops and you can take over its passengers.

A moment later, you'll be attacked by the gangsters. To get rid of them, hit them with the bus pressing the square.

When you end, take the civilians in the pointed place. You have drive carefully and can't let the bar of passengers' happiness goes empty (on the left). After getting to the stop, the mission ends.

Sparc Delivery

"Just after finishing the previous mission, you receive a SMS from Jackie. Read it and press the up arrow and call Tran.

Find it, block the road and steal pressing the triangle.

To finish the mission, you have to take a car to the pointed garage. During the ride try to not destroy the vehicle, because damage will decrease its value (shown on the left). Missions related with steals are very profitable so complete them always when you run out of money. You can begin them by calling Tran.

Popstar Lead 1 - Identified Supplier

"To continue a main story, go to the blue marked place. A young officer needs your help in one investigation. Most of her missions isn't obligatory, but sometimes you have to complete them to move on as an agent. Detailed description of every case you can find in the part of the guide dedicated to them.

Talk with him and go to the gangster called Popstar. He agrees to sell you drugs, but you have to do him a small favor.

Go to the nearest shop and beat up his two debtors.

Return to Popstar and buy drugs. A moment later police will arrive. To run from the officer who starts handcuffing you, press quickly X. You'll handcuff him and be able to run away.

Go to the closest car and destroy following you police cars.

When you end, return to Ming and end the mission.

Popstar Lead 2 - Arrested Supplier

"After small phone talk with officer Teng, you'll be send on the square, where you'll fight a group of bandits.

"To guess it, you have to put numbers and check if it is valid. If the particular number is in the code and you place it properly, it gets green. Number from the code, but in the wrong place, is yellow. Helpful is a fact, that the numbers don't repeat in the code. The best way to guess the code is to put all numbers in the order. If the yellow one appears, put it in the other place, simultaneously deleting the invalid ones and replacing them with the next ones. The same with the greens. You have six attempts, what should be enough while using this method.

When you finish, go back to your apartment and check your TV. It's used to look through all hacked cameras.

At the beginning choose the North Point quarter and the only one available shot. You'll see a man with the case.

You have to wait until he gives away his stuff aim him and press X. That's how you arrest him.

Call to Teng and finish the mission.


"In the pointed place you meet Amanda. Girl will ask you to show where she can learn the martial arts.

All buildings are marked on the map.

When you get to the last place, the short training begins. At the start hold the L2, to lock onto your old master, and then press two times kick at three students (still holding L2).

A moment later you'll learn a sweep kick. To do so, press the square twice, holding the button with the second time. You have to use this attack on the nearest pupil.

The last one task is to defeat a group of students.

When you finish, the mission ends. If you want to learn new attacks in this school, you have to find big green statuettes and return them to the master. You will find a chapter about how to find them in this guide.

Club Bam Bam

"Go to the Winston's restaurant, where you get a quest to intimidate an owner of Bam Bam.

Your next goal is a karaoke room on the other side of the club. The bouncer will say that you need a hostess to get inside.

You can find a woman dancing. Take her and use the karaoke machine. You have to sing the only available song "I fought the law" by "The Clash".

To do so, move the left control of the gamepad, so the cursors aim on the appearing rectangles When you release the control, cursors returns to the middle. You'll unlock next songs with your progress.

When you finish singing, go upstairs and talk to Benny. A moment later you'll be attacked.

During the fight one of thugs will hold you from the back and grapple. Kick the enemy in front of you and get free by pressing the triangle quickly.

Another enemies are waiting in the bathroom and on the ground floor.

After defeating them the mission ends.

Popstar Lead 3

"After getting to the place, get into the parked car and wait for Popstar. When he enters his car, you have to follow him. Try not to get to close to him, don't honk and destroy other cars, because you'll fulfill the suspicion bar and you'll have to start all over again.

A moment later you get an order to photo trading bandits. Take out phone, press L2 and then press R1 to make a photo.

Next photo you have to make from the ground in the moment you get such an order. When you finish, wait until half of enemies go away and follow Popstar.

To pass the guard in the port, do the Fast Talk (press triangle in the particular moment).

Later you have to climb up on the pointed boat, to make a photo of the gangster after the first shot.

When you finish, return to the van and take it to the marked garage. Police will start chasing you, but you shouldn't have problems with losing them (remember to use square). When you call Teng, the mission ends.

Listening In

"After not pleasant conversation with Winston return to the electronic shop and receive the bag with wire-tapping.

When you run him to the dead-end, the fight begins. Defeat him, take the bag and call Raymond.

You have to go to the Winston's restaurant and climb on the building's roof. Green material and light will show you the way.

You have to open the bars by pressing the triangle and put the wire-tapping in the shown place. To do so, you have to unscrew two screws (rotating the left control in the right) and then calibrate two signals. Individually first, then both at once.

Rotate the controls so the circles' frames become green and the bars fill up.

When you finish, screw the screws (rotating the control in the left) and open door outside. You have to move the flaps to change on green and then quickly move the lock-pick on the left. You have a limited time for all it so hurry. When you're done, leave the restaurant and end the mission.

Hotshot Lead 1 - Entered Racing Scene

"Go to the officer Teng and talk about underground racing. To contact its participant, SMS Jackie and call the Ace. He'll invite you to the race.

To complete the mission, you have to win race on the run marked with the red flares. If you succeed, the mission ends. As a reward you get not only experience but also an access to other races and the car you've used remain in your garage. To participate in all races, you have to have a proper level of Face and car/motorcycle fast enough.

Chain of Evidence

"Tiffany, met in the club, will call and ask for help. She wants to get rid of gangster's weapon. Take it from her and call Raymond.

To aim, hold the L2, to fire press R2. You can fire to the people or items marked on the red.

"Pendrew will show you also how to hide behind obstacles or shoot in the dark (without the L2).

Important is also a slow motion. If you're behind the obstacle, you can jump it over by pressing X and then slow the time by holding L2. Eliminate the targets pointed out by the chief constable.

Your last task to shoot out the car's tires and escape from the police. When you do it, the mission ends.


"Enter the van and follow the other, similar vehicle.

After eliminating few groups of them, you run into the guy with pistol. You have to grasp him (circle) and pull out his gun (pres the triangle as fast as possible).

Armed, you can get rid of remaining enemies and then enter the higher level of the warehouse. During the firing remember to aim at the red marked cylinders. Blowing them out eliminates your enemies quickly.

At the end you find the gangster you're looking for - he'll start running as soon as he notices you.

Run him, avoiding the flames, knock him out and use as a living shield. While holding him, you can fire at running enemies.

When you get outside, the building will explode and Wei pick up a police motorcycle. Chase the running away gangster.

You have to approach to him on several meters and hold X. The big arrow appears. As if turns green, press quickly X. Your hero jump on the car and take it over.

To finish the mission, you have to park in the pointed garage.

Hotshot Lead 2 - Gathered Surveillance

"Get into the nearby van and get to place where Hotshot was seen lately.

After that, get back to your car and follow the gangster.

You get to know many useful information which you should pass to the police officer.

Returning the van to the garage ends this mission. Another one unlocks after a nap in Shen's house.

Uncle Po

"To begin the mission, go to the Bam Bam club. You have to take a Winston and drive him on a meeting with the Uncle Po.

Man will ask you to get a debt from the woman. As soon as you approach to her, she'll start running.

Chase her quickly, shooting out her guards on the way. The best way is to fire at their tires. To fire, hold L1 and press R2.

When the woman stays alone, approach her car and jump inside (hold and press X). A moment later she'll tell you that she has a lot of drugs in the trunk.

Drive them to the garage suggested by Roland what ends the mission. Now you have an access to the new flat and missions basing on getting debts paid. To begin such type of a mission, you need to call Roland and go to the marked point on the map.

Bride To Be

"Take Winston's fiancée and take her to the shop she wants. Drive very carefully to don't make her angry.

Being on the car, move Shen to the door on the right. Every now and then he'll lose the balance, but it's enough to press triangle to recover it.

When you get behind the wheel, take the cake to the garage and continue a ride with Winston's wife.

This time, she'll ask for the black orchid from the temple's gardens.

After getting there, climb on the green fence and Fast Talk to the next monks (triangle) find a beautiful flower.

As you pick it up, monks discover your disguise. You can fight them or quickly escape the temple and enter the car.

A moment later police will start chasing you. Lose the single police car and drive Winston's wife where she wants to. The mission ends.

Hotshot Lead 3 - Water Street

"This mission based on taking a part in more underground races.

You finish it, when you finish as a number one.

The Wedding

"At the beginning go to the clothing shop and buy a new suit. Now you can go to the Winston's wedding.

Behind the door gangsters are waiting for you. Defeat them and then get rid of thugs on the ground floor.

A moment further you find another door, and behind them an armed man. Grapple him and take his pistol. It'll be useful to eliminate remaining thugs.

At the end of the rooms you find a dying Winston. Talk with him and move on.

When you get on the upper floor of the main hall, kill the enemies above firstly. Then you can pick up their weapons and eliminate those on the ground floor.

After the firing ends, round the room and go downstairs. Uncle Po is waiting behind the door.

You have to take this man to the hospital. Green points on the map show the way.

When you run into enemies, look for the high cover (unfortunately you can't use L1). Leaning out from behind it, you can kill enemies without risking Uncle Po's life. After getting to the hospital the mission ends.

Hotshot Lead 4 - Hotshot

"After short talk with Ace go to the middle of the triangle shown on the phone.

Now you have to track the signal of the phone you're looking for. Pressing square changes antenna, which shows up few persons. Your task is to point out the one common person for all antennas. It's the one in the left upper corner. Aim it and press X.

When you do so, you'll have a limited time to get on the crash scene.

You find an Ace's girl on the beach, nearby the burning wreck. She'll tell you what happened.

Return to the stairs, take a picture of the burning car and call Teng.

Next, send a SMS to Hotshot for the next race.

As he answers, steal the car nearby and meet with him.

At the beginning of the race to be close to the Hotshot. You have to follow him until you see a police blockade. Then you get a command to immobilize enemy's vehicle. To so by pressing the square.

When you end, all you need is run away from the police.

Meet The New Boss

"After the cut scene open the nearest door and kill the man who is holding a hostage. Aim carefully, because killing the civilian decreases your cop points.

When everyone dies, you can start pursuing the attacker's leader with Jack. Your task is to destroy thugs' cars and motorcycles (hold L1 and press R1). Aiming at the tires is the quickest way.

Chase ends up with the crash after which you'll have to run after the runaway. He is fast, so try to not make mistakes.

As you get him, the fist fighting begins. Beat him up traditionally and then run away from the police.

"To do so, turn about 180 degrees, turn left and run out on the street. Limo is waiting for you there. Enter it and the mission ends.

Mrs. Chu's Revenge

"After the conversation with the Winston's mother call Ricky and go to the place in the middle of a triangle shown by the phone.

There you'll have a fight with few groups of enemies.

When you defeat them, you find an armed thug. Take his weapon with the fast grip and run in the pointed direction killing another thugs on the way.

Unfortunately, as you find the man you're looking for, he'll run away in the car. You have to chase him on the motorcycle.

Your first task is to eliminate his guards. To aim and slow the time hold the L1 and fire with R2. Aim at tires.

When the way is clean, get to his car and jump on it (X). Then you have to take this man to the Mrs. Chu's restaurant, where the mission ends.

Loose Ends

"After the conversation with Jack, go to the pointed place. Naz will be waiting there.

After beating up the thug, hide behind the container. From there you can eliminate remaining bandits without destroying one of cars.

When the last enemy is done, throw Naz to the trunk of the least destroyed car (circle) and leave the warehouses.

A moment later next thugs will start pursuing you. To get rid of them, aim at their tires and then bring the man in the trunk to the officer Teng.

Final Kill

"When the mission begins go to the marked place and go the narrow path to the shore.

When the pursuit ends, you'll have to run after the thug on feet. On the way beat up four groups of enemies.

In the last one, you find the chased gangster. Stun him and take to the car's trunk. A moment later you'll be attacked by thugs with cars and motorcycles.

Get rid of them by firing at tires, go to the marked place and drag out the guy from the trunk. After the short cut scene mission ends.


"After meeting with Uncle Po call to Jackie and meet him in the pointed massage salon. You can use it too, what speed up filling the Face bar.

Defeat him and drive with Jackie to the initiation. The mission ends.

Dockyard Heist

"After getting up call Jackie and pick him up from the place he told.

When the night falls follow your companion for a while and then search for something to cut the sheet metal.

On the way you meet few guards but quick pressing triangle should be enough.

The device is in the locked warehouse, which you have to open with pick-locks. When you finish, pick up the saw and meet with Jackie.

The stuff you want to steal is guarded by few groups of enemies. Defeat them and open the middle truck. A moment later your friend will be locked up in it.

Catch up with the escaping vehicle ASAP and jump on its roof. Moving on the edge, you get to the driver's sit what gives you control over the car.

When you finally regain the stuff, take it to the marked place and end the mission.

Intensive Care

"After call from Ricky get to the car and drive to the hospital.

Killing next gangster get to the elevator. It'll take you on the upper floor, where Ricky is waiting.

But before you find him, you have to open the blocked door (triangle) and eliminate a group of enemies.

When you get to the place, the time starts counting. You have to kill all enemies, go to the security room and hack computer in it and all that in the remaining time.

When you finish, go to your companion and then, together, defend the room with Uncle Po. Enemies will be appearing alternately on both sides of corridor so hide behind proper covers.

After the death of the last thug, run away from the police, drive Ricky home and end the mission. To make the next one available, go sleep to your apartment.

Important Visitor

"When the mission begins, go with King to the K-Bar.

Two first you can find very easily. To invite the third one, you need to use Fast Talk to get rid of annoying boyfriend.

When all girls sit, take a seat next to King. A moment later you'll be asked to sing.

Make a random song and take a picture of King and girls. It ends the party and you can go to the parking lot.

There you have a small encounter with group of thugs. When they beat them up, drive the friend to the hotel what ends the mission.

Fast Girls

"After meeting with Sonny enter the Ricky's car and drive for Vivienne and her friend. Girls will ask you to participate in the underground race.

When you make it, return to the car and run from the police.

Mission ends when you drive ladies back to the Sandra's flat.

Bad Luck

"After conversation with Broken Nose go to the car and drive to Tsao's mansion.

Behind the barrier you find a path which lead you to the garden with guards. If anyone accost you, press the triangle quickly and move further.

In some moment the way will be blocked by the closed gate. Jump over the parapet on the right and open the passage for your friend.

A bit later you find door leading to the Tsao's mansion. Open them with lock-pick and follow the Crab's orders.

First what you have to do is destroy four vases in the room.

Then approach the locked bar, open it and pick up hidden statuette from the other side. To break the lock you need to turn the control as long in the chosen direction until three green numbers appear. Don't do it too fast or the number won't light.

When you finish, get on the board and change the hour on the wall clock (triangle).

The last one you have to do is to move the piano in the living room.

A moment later guards appear. Hide behind the couch (L1) and wait until the go away.

Then you have to leave the building quickly and hack the camera at the gate.

When it's done, run after your companion and enter the car nearby.

It's enough to leave the mansion and park nearby the Crab's car to finish this mission.

Conflicted Loyalties

"After talk with Sonny go to the Vivienne's flat and talk with the bodyguard in front of the entrance.

When you get on the place take the Dana from the Vivienne's computer and set a bug in the kitchen.

You have to hurry, because Ricky enters he flat with his girlfriend in a minute. Hide in the bedroom on the higher floor.

After the cut scene put the bug in the cupboard nearby and take the pendrive from the computer.

Leave the apartment through the balcony.

When you get on the street meet with the chief constable. Talk with him, return to your flat and end the mission.

The Funeral

"When you pick up Jackie from the prison, enter the nearest car and drive to the suit shop.

At the beginning go forward, killing enemies, until you run into the one with the grenade launcher.

You have to get him from the back (right path), eliminate and pick up the powerful weapon.

When the last gangsters on the cemetery die, exit through the gate.

Few cars full of enemies are waiting there. Fight shouldn't be difficult thanks to the grenade launcher you've picked up.

When the last enemy dies, the mission ends.

Civil Discord

"To begin this mission go to the pointed place and meet with the gang. A moment later the encounter with the group of thugs begins. It's a long and tough battle so be careful. Retaliate all attacks and use the environment.

After defeating the second wave of enemies, your companion calls you on the top of the building. You get a grenade launcher with which you have to eliminate next gangsters. There'll be many of them so wait until they approach the cars and then blow up the vehicles. You'll spare an ammo in that way.

When the last enemy dies, enter the free car and drive to the safe place.

Buried Alive

"When you get to know about Jackie's being kidnapped get to the pointed place and let two thugs scour you.

Beat them up and do the same with their leader. When he loses consciousness grab him and take to the table saw. You'll get a number to their boss.

To trace Zi Wai go on the street and play the mini game you already know. The man you're looking for is in the left upper corner of the quarter.

As you approach the thug, he gets on the motorcycle and starts going away. You have to chase him and destroy his guards on the way.

After stopping Zi Wai's vehicle, he'll start running on feet. Chase and beat him up and his companions. You get a phone number to your enemy.

Call Salty Crab and meet him on the shore. There will be a boat waiting for you. You have to use it to get on the marked island. But before you save Jackie get rid of chasing you motorboats.

When the friend is safe, drive him back to the shore and go take a nap in your flat.

The Election

"After getting to the meeting place with Jackie, you'll get beat up and tortured by the gangsters.

A moment later a guard appears. Kill him.

Second one is waiting behind the nearby door. Approach him and press circle to eliminate him.

In the next room you meet a group of thugs. Beat them up in a traditional way and run in the pointed direction.

Going through the next groups of enemies, you get to the point where you meet an armed thug.

Disarm him and take the pistol. Only thanks to that you'll be able to kill enemies in the further part of this building.

There will be many of enemies, but luckily most of them will be standing by the blowing up things. Fire at them and you'll eliminate thugs very quickly.

Going through the next rooms you get to the sauna. Beat up gangsters. After that the encounter with their leader begins.

This encounter is easy if you know what do to. First of all, retaliate enemy's hits and attack only after a successful counterattack. From time to time he'll make a hit which you will be impossible to block. He starts cut Wei with a knife then and your ta

Big Smile Lee

When the mission begins get into the marked car and go to the place shown on the map.

Beat up thugs waiting near the car and climb on the marked building.

On the top you can stun a guard and take his weapon.

Armed run forward and kill next enemies.

In some moment you'll reach a room with the computer from which you can fire at enemies downstairs. When they get out of your sight jump through the window on the lower floor.

Running forward you get to the chinese restaurant. Be careful with hostages and eliminate all thugs before the local and then get inside.

Inside you meet lot of enemies who can be easily killed by destroying charges on the tables.

Go through the door behind the bar.

You will find a Big Smile Lee there. Chase him, jump on the motorboat and the beat him up. During the fight you can only retaliate because Shen isn't able to make normal attacks.

When you get him on the ground, hit him few times (square) and throw to the machine (circle). It ends the mission and the main thread. Congratulations! Now you can complete the secondary missions and collect remaining content.