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Sniper Elite V2 Walkthrough Mission #10 - Brandenburg Gate

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You will start the mission in a store.

Take out the Russian soldiers on the ruined streets and try to stay low.

After dealing with the Russian guards patrolling the streets, enter inside the Hotel at the end of the street.

Drop down through the hole inside the Hotel.

After reaching the Brandenburg Square, you will have to fight against a lot of Russian soldiers and snipers hidden in the buildings around you.

When the fight's over, head for the gate and make your way on top of it.

Once you've made your way up on top of the Brandenburg Gate, you will have to prevent Wolff from getting away. Try to get a clear shot of him in the moving vehicle.

His chest will get penetrated by the sniper rifle bullet.

He is going to lose control os his car and crash.

A final cutscene will start playing.

This was my Sniper Elite V2 guide, I hope you found it helpful.