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Sniper Elite V2 Walkthrough Mission #3 - Kaiser-Friedrich Museum

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You will start the mission off inside the ruins of a building, head to the balcony and deal with the soldiers patrolling the streets.

After killing all the soldiers, go through the destroyed building and exit on the other side of it.

You'll have to go through some narrow paths and enter the building located around the corner.

Go upstairs.

Upstairs you will find another sniper rifle to replace the old one with.

After acquiring the new sniper rifle, get back downstairs and head to the bridge where you'll have to plant the explosive charges.

On your way to the bridge, you will encounter a few soldiers, take them out and continue.

Once you're done planting the explosive charges, climb up the ledge and head inside the museum through the huge hole in the wall.

You'll have to make your way up to the vantage point on top of the museum. Try to keep a low profile and use your pistol to silently kill the soldiers.

After making your way up to the vantage point, you will have to shoot one of the explosive charges in order to stop the soldiers from crossing it.

The bridge will get blown up in a spectacular way.

Stay on the vantage point and take out the enemies on the other side of the canal using your sniper rifle.

A tank will appear as well, shoot the gas reservoir to blow it up.

After blowing up the tank, climb down using the wooden structure placed next to the museum.

Take out the rest of the soldiers remaining on the streets.

After taking care of the remaining soldiers, head towards the building at the end of the street. That will be the end of the mission.