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Sniper Elite V2 Walkthrough Mission #1 - Schoneberg Streets

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At the beginning of the mission, you will have to infiltrate the Security Checkpoint.

Take out the guard near the statue using your pistol to avoid alerting the other guards.

Silently sneak up behind the two guards on the street and take them out.

After dealing with the two guards on the street, enter the building on the right.

Sneak through the building's ruins.

Start shooting at the remaining enemies outside; on the street through the windows or entrances without doors.

Once you've dealt will the street patrols, keep heading to the objective indicator.

Climb up through the hole in the wall.

Go through the building and exit on the other side, through the second hole in the wall.

After exiting the blasted building through the other side fight the German soldiers that are patrolling the streets.

Continue heading towards the statue, where the explosives are stashed.

Collect the explosives stashed behind the statue.

Plant the explosive charges on the convoy's route.

After planting the first explosive charge, sneak around the corner and take out the two German soldiers sitting at a table.

Plant the second; and the last charge on the truck.

Get up to the vantage point.

Once you've made your way up to the vantage point, the convoy with Dr. Kreidl sitting inside one of the trucks will appear.

You will have to shoot the explosive charge on the truck to stop the convoy.

Once the convoy has stopped, Dr. Kreidl will get out of the truck; shoot him down before he manages to escape and then deal with the rest of the German soldiers.

A tank will appear, shoot one of the reservoirs to blow the entire tank up.

After blowing up the tank, make your way down to Dr. Kreidl's corpse.

Search Dr. Kreidl's corpse and gather the information you need.

Three more soldiers will appear, take them out and keep heading on.

Head through the house where the objective indicator's pointing at.

After entering the house, the mission will end.