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Sniper Elite V2 Walkthrough Mission #2 - Mttelwerk Facility

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You will have to infiltrate the facility.

But before infiltrating the facility take out the guard on top of the tower.

After dealing with the guard on top of the tower, take out the remaining German soldiers inside the facility's yard.

Enter the facility.

Once you're inside the facility, you will have to plant three explosive charges around it. Try to silently kill the guards that you will encounter on your way to the places where you have to plant the explosives.

After planting all the three explosive charges, locate and enter Schwaiger's Office.

A cutscene will trigger after entering the office which will reveal clues that will lead to the next mission.

Once the cutscene will end, more than 7 enemy soldiers will approach your position, defend yourself and try not to leave the office until all of them are dead.

The explosive charges will be detonated while dealing with the enemy soldiers. You will have to escape the facility before it explodes.

Once you've successfully escaped the facility, head to the exit.

On your way out, you will encounter a truck full of enemy soldiers.

After dealing with the enemies, head to the exit.

This will be the end of the mission.