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Sniper Elite V2 Walkthrough Prologue

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Prologue is a training/tutorial mission that shows you the basics of the game.

First, you will have to head to the building that is indicated with a yellow symbol.

Place the trip mine at the other end of the building.

After placing the trip mine, throw a rock to distract the enemies away from the door.

Sneak inside the building after distracting the guards.

Go through the ruins of the building and exit on the other side.

Take out the guard in the courtyard.

After dealing with the guard, place a land mine on his body and head to the building across the courtyard.

The game will show a cutscene of General Eisenberg's arrival to meet up with his Russian contact.

Hold your breath by pressing 'E' and take out General Eisenberg.

A X-Ray Kill Cam will show the sniper's bullet penetration after successfully assassinating General Eisenberg.

After assassinating General Eisenber, you will have to escape from the german soldiers.

Head back from where you came from before being attacked by german soldiers in the courtyard.

After going through the ruins of the building and escaping the german soldiers, you will encounter more of them on your way out of there. Once you've successfully dealt with them head to the building where you've planted the trip mines.

Once you've made it upstairs, start shooting the enemies found on the destroyed streets behind the building.

After killing a few soldiers, the mission will end.