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Sniper Elite V2 Walkthrough Mission #6 - Tiergarten Flak Tower

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You will start the mission off on the top floor of a warehouse.

Take out the enemies in the first room using your pistol.

After dealing with those two Russian soldiers in the first room, head upstairs.

Once you've entered the area, you will notice that the Germans are fighting the Reds. You can try to sneak past them, or fight against both teams.

After passing by the enemy soldiers, head downstairs and exit the warehouse.

Once you're in the courtyard, soldiers will start shooting at you. Take them out and move on.

After dealing with all the enemies in the courtyard, infiltrate the Flak Tower. You are going to encounter a few soldiers in front of the tower, use the noise made by the explosions to mask your shot.

Enter the Flak Tower.

You will have to go upstairs on the rooftop.

On your way to the rooftop you might encounter a few enemies, try to get past them.

Once you're on the rooftop, you will have to get to the winch room.

Silently kill the soldiers on the rooftop using your pistol.

A cutscene will start playing after reaching the winch room showing Mullet and another German soldier.

Your new objective is to assassinate Mullet.

After eliminating Mullet, you will have to exit the Flak Tower and get away from that area.

You will encounter a few enemies in front of the main entrance to the Flak Tower, take them out and keep on going to the marked location.

This will be the end of the mission.