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Sniper Elite V2 Walkthrough Mission #8 - Kreuzberg Headquarters

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You are going to start off in a ruined building.

Make your way to the subway. You will encounter a few enemies on your way there.

Head through the subway and exit on the other side of it.

Deal with the enemies in the courtyard and head to Wolff's office.

After entering Wolff's office, you will notice that all the documents are gone except a small notepad left on his desk, on the notepad you will find the location for the next mission using a pencil trick.

As you exit Wolff's office, a truck full of soldiers will appear, take them out and keep moving on.

Once you've dealt with them, head towards the building where the yellow marker is pointing at.

After entering the building on fire, head to the roof.

On your way to the roof, you will find a burning map with the location of the V2 rocket launch site on it.

Once you are on the roof, take out the other enemy snipers.

After taking out all the enemy snipers, head to the exfiltration point.

The mission will end after reaching the exfiltration point.