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Sniper Elite V2 Walkthrough Mission #9 - Koepenick Launch Site

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You will start off in a small, destroyed village.

Silently take out the enemies on your way to the church. To do so, you will have to way for the lightning strike to mask your shot.

Head through the church and enter the trenches right next to it.

Once you've entered the trenches, head up the hill to the trains.

Get past the trains located on the hill and enter the first floor of the building.

Take out the guard inside the building.

You will have to defend your position against the incoming enemies until the rocket is ready to be launched.

When the rocket is fully fueled, you will have to hurry up and take the shoot.

Aim for the red panel in the middle of the rocket and shoot it.

The explosion of the rocket will kill the rest of the enemies on the field near the launching site.

This will be the end of the mission.