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Starcraft Walkthrough Protoss - 10: Eye Of The Storm

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Firstly, gather resources from both of your bases. Also, train units and protect your base properly. Remember to train Carriers! :D

Train one Observer and use it to scout whole map.

Notice that there are mineral mines around that area.. So? Why it placed like that? Because it can be used to take advantages on enemy.

Build Probes around here (nearby the mineral mines). When Probes finished, bring your Carriers here. But keep few at your base to defend.

Just move your Carries above the Probes. They'll do the job. If too many enemy units comes, move behind a little. Also regen the shield using Shield Battery's Restore ability.

Dont forget to build Probe here. Just for extra protection.

The only weakness of this strategy is Plague. If all hit the Plague cloud, all your Carriers will be in trouble. But no worries, just keep restoring the shield.

Stay like this until enemy stop sending their units to you. Then destroy their base.

When you have confident, do the same at the top mineral mines. :D

Remember to gather mines here. You'll need a lot.

To attack the purple team, you have to double your armies.

Attack it from many directions. Also, send ground units too to distract Hydralisks.

Lastly, destroy the Overmind's lair! Congratz, you've beat the game. [GAME OVER]