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Starcraft Walkthrough Protoss - 6: Into The Darkness

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Firstly..Hallucinate the Zealot. Then, bring ake Zealota with the real ones to fight the Zerglings. Make sure that the fake units takes the damage.

Then do it again. Select one fake and...

Move it here...

Then, continue moving...

After the second gate opened, move the last fake unit to the bomber. Make sure that your real Zealot not affected by the damage, keep the distance far.

Now you can keep going...

Here, there're two path to go. Go top first (through the door) to get extra units. Then come back here to continue.

Now, there're three path to go. Go to the bottom right to get more extra units (make sure Psi Storm ready). If not, go to top left path to unlock the door. But...

Hallucinate one of your Zealot and bring them to the top left path. Also, distance the one fake unit for suicide with bomber.

Make sure the fake walk in front. Then, just ignore the attacks.

Step on the platform and you can forget about them.

Move your units to go here.

Dragoon needs to repeatedly click to allow it move

Kill enemies here and enter the room. Beware of bomber.

Select ghost and use clock ability.

Once ghost walk here, 100s of Zergs will come. Just hide other units in that room before.

Select one unit to unlock the door.

Complete the mission by stepping on this. [END]