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Starcraft Walkthrough Protoss - 8: The Trial Of Tassadar

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Start gathering resources. Now, you can train the best unit in Protoss, Protoss Carrier.

Defend the base and upgrade already takes almost and hour. This will ensure your units reliable and effective in fights. Now, you can start attacking enemy base with Reaver.

IF you have extra resource, build more Carrier. Basically to protect Reaver during long range attack and for luring enemies to come.

Also, repeat the same thing for top purple base.

Here's the extra mining spot. Take it and build more defenses. Also, the most annoying during fight is the net. Your unit cant do anything until it dissapeared plus enemy cant attack, even they use Psi Storm.

To avoid this, just split your armies with more groups.

Start attacking at the bottom left base. Also, bring more anti-aircraft unit (if you intended to drop units there) or just spam more air units especially Carrier. 12 Carriers are excellent enough, you already won the game.

If enemy units comes, go to the water and let Carriers attack. Watch out for enemy air units.

Repeat until no more units coming from them. Then, you can easily destroy the base.

When enemy stop sending their units, it showed that their base is weak. So, just bring Carrier to destroy all the anti-aircraft towers and the rest of the buildings.

Break this to complete the task. [END]