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SteamWorld Dig Walkthrough Old World - Cave Two

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Grab the power up and head left, digging down to access the ladder.

Dash and jump where needed to pass the weak blocks, heading right.

Climb up the ladder at the end, dealing with any problematic enemies.

Climb the ladder to the right upwards.

Steam jump to access the orbs overhead.

Head left and before the acid pools, steam jump or wall jump up the gap overhead.

Head right, take out the enemy with dynamite ...

... to find a secret area and more orbs.

Continue right, drop down and use the gap to access some valuable loot, before heading back to the acid pools.

Jump over the two acid pools, drill in towards the TNT to your left and use dynamite to wipe out the enemy above.

Steam jump upwards and around to the right.

Drill through to drop the ladder, then climb up and drill upwards to get through.

Take out the boxes on the right hand side ...

... then wall jump upwards and around to the left.

Unlock your next power up.

New objective: Continue Exploring (Keep digging down!).

Continue downwards, looting as you go ...

... and keep upgrading whatever you can afford.

Continue down to around 307m deep and find Cave Three.