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SteamWorld Dig Walkthrough Old World - Small Cave

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Burrow around the large blocks as pictured ...

... if you make a mistake, leave the cave then come back in and start again.

Continue to burrow as shown ...

Leave one block below the leftmost block of the final two ...

... as you move down the final block.

Take out the support for block 3, and run back beneath block 4.

Move block 4 down one more space, then head backwards to block 1.

Perch on the edge as pictured, take out one of the support block under big block 1.

Take out the final small block under big block 1.

All blocks should be aligned now, letting you through ...

... to collect some more orbs.

Leave the small cave ...

... continuing down again, watching out for the TNT traps that will explode causing you large damage.

At 235m depth you will find Old World's first cave.