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SteamWorld Dig Walkthrough Mines - Cave Three

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Head left and dig downwards.

Continue left and use the platforms to climb upwards ...

... dealing with any enemies on the way.

When you reach the top, hit switch number 1 of 3 for this cave.

Head back the way you came, downwards and then to the right.

Stock up on water as you move across.

Head downwards and to the left, tunnelling under the turtle enemies.

When you reach the end, hit switch number 2 ...

... then use the higher route for a shortcut back to the beginning of the cave.

Head to the right, and down the ladder.

Tunnel under the big block and allow it to drop.

Move across, dropping into the water pool below.

Head right, then steam jump to knock the second large block down.

Head left again, tunnel through to the ladder and back around.

Move past the second block you dropped with the steam jump.

Hit switch number 3, then head back to the 3 newly opened gates.

Move through the gates ...

... then wall or steam jump upwards.

Move across to the right ...

... then jump into the center of the pyramid ...

... which will give way and allow you to drop ...

... unlocking the drill.

New objective: Explore the depths.

Use the drill to tunnel back to the cave exit.

Head back to town if you need to sell loot ...

... reaching level 6 will unlock the Deep Tank ...

... and the Plate Armour.

It's now worth buying and carrying a teleporter whenever you visit town to speed up travel back into town between caves.

Continue mining downwards and selling loot ...

... reaching level 7 unlocks the Pressurizer ...

... and the Damaging Pickaxe.

Mine downwards until you find the entrance to Old World.