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The game begins with a brief intro video as you arrive in town.

Shortly after the video, you meet Dorothy and the game begins.

Dorothy tells you to find your Uncle, so head left.

Press X to jump over the gaps and continue left.

When you find your Uncle, press Up on the D Pad to interact.

It's from your Uncle that you obtain your first weapon and tool ...

... the old Pickaxe.

Use Circle to dig and make yourself a path back the way you came.

Head back to Dorothy and press Up on the D Pad again to talk.

Your next objective is to find the switch to leave this area.

Continue to dig down towards the red dot shown on your mini map.

As a general rule in Steamworld Dig, it's best to dig straight lines where possible, sticking to the sides when possible.

Continue downwards towards the switch.

Press Up to interact with the switch and open the area exit.

Climb back up using the wall jump ...

... repeatedly pressing X and aiming towards the wall.

Head back up the way you came, and exit the area.

Press Up to climb the ladder ...

... and welcome to Tumbleton.

Chat to Dorothy again.

Head back down the ladder to begin your mining career.

Aim for any loot you see as you dig downwards.

Continue finding loot until the game tells you to sell it.

Head back up and sell your loot to Dorothy.

Levelling up in Steamworld Dig is based on the amount of loot you sell, so always maximise loot pickups.

You'll now have unlocked the Sharp Pickaxe upgrade.

Speak to Cranky - he deals with the upgrade in Steamworld.

Purchase the Sharp Pickaxe upgrade.

Head back to talk to Dorothy.

New objective - Explore Cave.

Dig downwards towards the cave, marked on your mini map.

Head back up to Dorothy whenever your pouch becomes full.

You should shortly level up and unlock the Lamp.

A useful upgrade is to buy a bigger pouch when possible so you can carry more loot on each run.