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SteamWorld Dig Walkthrough Mines - Cave Two

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Begin in Cave Two by heading left.

Climb around to the left and up.

Dash across the weak ground towards the right.

When you reach the arrow pointing down, dash across and find some more orbs.

Then drop down into the water pool below.

Head left, killing the worm type enemies and using the high route.

On the lower route there are some gems to loot - avoiding the turtle enemy should be easy as it's slow.

Continue left and unlock the Steam Jump.

Head back across the way you came, continue right until the game prompts you to Steam Jump.

Steam Jumps require water - water pools will now fill up your new water gauge.

Head left until the game prompts another Steam Jump which will break the weak ground above.

Continue to use Steam Jumps to advance upwards.

Continue upwards and left.

Head back down and exit Cave Two.

Return to town and speak to Lola ...

... before continuing to mine downwards.

At Level 5 you will unlock the Teleporter to buy.

Purchase any Pickaxe upgrades you can afford to help speed things up.

Just above the next map marker, you'll find a mini cave.