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Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP Walkthrough Session III (PT 2) : The Grizzled Boar and the Moon Grotto

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After obtaining the Bright Moon Trigon, the Megatome told us we would have to wait a few days for the Dark Moon to show. We would do no such thing, and we would not cheat by changing our system settings. We returned to the land of dreams when it was neither Bright nor Dark Moon to seek help. We found a bear thing. We followed it.

We chased the bear thing back to the giant hollow tree that Dogfella showed us.

With no where to run, we fought the bear thing.

The bear thing fought like one of the statues that the Gogolithic Mass. We had to block its attacks with our shield and we could count the attacks based on how many time it hit its shield.

Also the bear thing would rush us with its club. It gave it away by raiseing it up above its head. We listen to the chime in our head as when to dodge out of the way.

After deafeating it, we could kill the bear thing or we could not.

We choise to be chill about it and let the thing go.

It left a strange key behind. We had an idea of where it might go. It was back to the real world and away from weird bear things.

Near the bird house past the river beyond the wall, there were some stairs leading to a door hidden in the green. We used our key to get inside.

Inside we found the fabled Moon Grotto. With it, we could sit down and control the phase of the moon, and it was awesome. This would make our woeful errand much faster.