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Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP Walkthrough Session III (PT 1) : The Bright Moon Trigon

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As we awoke from our groggy sleep, we got up and started to walk away from the meadow. However the gate behind us began to glow.

We focused our Sworcery on the emblem of the Gold Trigon. Doing so opened the gate.

Beond the gate, we found the Trigon Grove. There was a weird black floating triangle when we first got there. We focused on it.

We struck the triangle to awaken the Gold Trigon's power.

We focused on the grave that Dogfella was so keen on. The ghost dude gave us a fague hint as to what to do to find the rest of the Trigon Trifetca. We had to find the other two piece in the dream world.

We went to the hut to check on Logfella and Girl, and after talking with them we were sure that the other two Trigons were in the world of dreams. We went in the hut and slept as we did when we went to get the key for Logfella.

It was during a light moon cicle that we arrived in the dream world. We guessed this meant that we could find the Light Trigon.

We sent the Sylvan Sprite at the still waters of a lake where a mother duck was freaking out skyward.

We began a Song of Sworcery near our friend Jim, at the left of the still water lake.

We sent the Sylvan Sprite in the hidden grove where Jim Guthrie happend to be hanging out skyward.

Leaving Jim, we began a Song of Sworcery at the lake next to the one with the freaking out mother duck.

We noticed something strange about the reflection of the water. Some tree were not there. So, we focused our Sworcery on the contradicting trees and the bush the was a reflection only.

We sent the Sylvan Sprite at the lake where the reflection was ever-so-slightly incongruous

We began a Song of Sworcery at the sandy shore where we got Logfella's key.

We noticed some funky owls and used our Sworcery on them.

We had found all the Sprites but one. The only place left to go was across the lake. "What the hey", we thought was we tried to walk across the water. "It's a dream world, this should work."

And it did. On the other side was Dogfella of all people. Or in this case, dogs. Barking at us to follow, we did.

Dogfella seemed really kean on us going inside the giant tree. We went in to check to see what all the noise was about.

We began our Song of Sworcery in front of the giant tree.

We focused our Sworcery on the trees from thickest to thinest.

We sent the Sylvan Sprite lurking at the root of titanic tree skyward.

Having all the Bright Moon Sylvan Sprites, the Megatome told us to find an island to perform the mircle to summon the Bright Moon Trigon. We returned to the sandy shore of the lake we crossed and walked its waters again.

We began a song of Sworcery on the island.

We used our Sworcery to drag the moon into its reflection.

We pushed down the water with the moon to reveal the Bright Moon Trigon's Lair.

The Bright Moon Trigon played the same hit the blue energy ball back game its Gold brother did. It also changed from blue to red, moving faster with the latter.

After spliting apart and going up into the air, the Bright Trigon slowly moved a beam toward us. We dogded out of the way when we heard the chime in our head to avoid deaht from above.

After death beam time was over, the Bright Moon Trigon multiplied and grew an eye. It seem that copying its Gold brother was it favorite pastime, as it fired lasors and deadly triangles, like its Gold brother.

When three little deadly triangles remained, it went air into the pull of the final death bolt move, just like its Gold brother. We could this that this was not the oringial one of the Trifecta.

And so the Bright Moon Trigon was tamed.

We got the Bright Moon Trigon for glory & for spite.

We awoke from the battle with a headache and bloody nose, and a barking Dogfella. Tired and not feeling super great, we followed him.

We followed Dogfella back to the hut in the dream world and went to sleep inside.

Awaking in the real world, we had to go awaken the Bright Moon Trigon's power in the Trigon Grove.

We struck the Bright Moon Trigon's spot and awakened its power.

After awakening the Bright Moon Trigon's power, Dogfella began to glow. We went to check out what that was all about. Turns out we could understand animals now, so that was super cool.