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Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP Walkthrough Session II : The Golden Trigon

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We went to see Logfella and Girl at their home, to appolgize for bring the strom. They were pretty bumed about it.

We spoke to thw woeful Girl. She told us to seek the Sylvan Sprites in hope they would lift the storm. She told us that the first one was at the deepwater pond outside the hut.

We found a strange man in a suit outside the hut. We chat, and we learned about Sworcery

By focusing on ourself we could call forth the power of Sworcery

By focusing and guideing the yellow and blue glows into the spot on the deepwater pond, we could free the Sylvan Sprite

By focusing on the Sprite three times, we sent the Sylvan Sprite at the deepwater lake skyward

After freeing the Sylvan Sprite from the deepwater pond, we headed to the curious nestbox to the right of the hut. Again we saw the strange man in the suit.

He taught us the power of the Megatome. With it we could read the thoughts of other we have met.

By focusing our powers of Sworcery on the three small birds, we could summond the Sylvan Sprite

We sent the Sylvan Sprite at the curious nestbox skyward

After freeing the Sylvan Sprite, we headed to the meadow to the left of the hut.

A mysterious mushroom caught our eye, we picked it up. We learned from training that these kind of mushrooms had healing powers. We thought that it would be best to hold on to them.

We began our Song of Sworcery in the meadow. We focused on the sheep fith from the left.

We then focused on the sheep seventh from the left

We then focused on the sheep second from the left.

We then focused on the sheep fourth from the left.

We then focused on the sheep eigth sheep from the left

We then focused on the sheep sixth from the left

We then focused on the sheep on the third sheep from the left

We then focused on the sheep first from the left

We sent the Sylvan Sprite at the meadow skyward.

Freeing the last Sylvan Spirte, the dog, who we now knew to be Dogfella thanks to the Megatome, was barking at us. We followed him back to the hut.

We met Girl outside and asked her what had happened. It seemed the Logfella was freaking out about something or other. We went inside to see if we could help.

It seemed Logfella had lost the key to the wall in his dreams. We hate fetch quest, but it had to be done. We focused and sat on the seat next to Logfella and fell asleep.

By consulting the Megatome, we had learned that Logfella had lost his key on the sandy shore of a placid lake.

We began to head into the dream forset in hopes that we could if this sandy shore of a placid lake.

We began heading left down the mountian.

Along the path we found a mushroom. We kept a hold of it incase this dream world was not as nice as it seemed.

Left of the mushroom, we found a bard name Jim Guthrie. Odd, but not important. We continued our search to the right to find the sandy shore.

Continuing to the right, near a lake, we found another mushroom. We continued down the path, heading right.

We finaly found the key at the sandy shore at a placid lake. We desided to head back and return the key to the worried Logfella.

Thankfully a comfy looking chair appread in front of us. We sat in it and feel right away.

Leaving the hut, we found Dogfella outside. Barking at us, as if it wanted us to follow it. Again.

Near the wall to Mingi Taw, we saw a rain-soaked Girl. She told us where she senced more Sylvan Sprites. She said something about towering tree trunks on either side of a mighty river, and one of those deadful rainbows at the edge of a perilous precipice. We began down the path to find the Sprites.

However, our old friend, the wolf thing stood in our way. It must have been an old wolf thing, as it had not learned any new tricks.

After kicking its butt, again, we, for real this time, continued down the path.

We began our Song of Sworcery on the bridge above the mighty river.

We started with the trees on the left, starting with the big trees. First the big tree on the right, then left. And we did the same with the thinner trees.

We did the same on the right side. Big right left, then small right left.

We sent the Sylvan Spirte at the towering tree trunks at either side of a mighty river skyward.

We began another Song of Sworcery at the face of Mingi Taw inbetween two dreaded rainbows. By rubbing them with our sworcery we could restore their color.

We sent the Sylvan Spirte between two loathsome rainbows by the side of the perilous precipice skyward

By consulting the Megatome, we learned that something was going on at the meadow where the sheep were. We ran as fast as we could. It was time for something big.

We started our Song of Sworcery in the middle of the meadow.

We used our Sworcery to drag a glowing light to the post in the middle of the angry birds.

We focused on the eye of each angry bird.

We dragged the two birds to the center point to reveal the Gold Trigon's lair

Then it appeared before us, the cosmic geometry. The Gold Trigon. One of the three things we seeked for our woeful errand. The only way we could obtain it was to defeat it.

So the battle began. We had to remeber an old Scythian war trick. If we held up our sheld long enough, our energy would return to us.

The Gold Trigon started by a firing blue energy ball at us. We whacked them back with our sword. (Author Note:We counted to six before we swung, this trick might not work the best for all Sythians)

The Gold Trigon changed the energy ball to red. This one moved much faster then the blue one. (Author Note: This one we count to four really fast, again might not work for all.)

After playing back and forth with energy balls, the Gold Trigon got bored with that game. Now it wanted to play dodge the lighting bolt. We could hear a chime in our head as when to dodge. We thought of our shield when we thought of feeling safe.

After dodge the lighting bolt, the Gold Trigon desided to play both games at the same time. We waited for the chime to dodge the bolt and waited to smack the blue triangle shot backs.

After knocking back all the triangles, the Gold Trigon went up high into the air, firing one last lighting bolt.

And with that, the Gold Trigon was tamed.

"We got the Gold Trigon. We are so awesome.