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Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP Walkthrough Session I : The Megatome

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We began out arrend next to a green paster. A dog barked at us. If we focused on it with a tip tap we could follow it.

Along the way, we saw a girl know as Girl. We did not have to talk to her but she seemed nice.

As we continued down the path, past a house, we met a woodsman named Logfella. He was cool and agreed to lead us up the old road, so we followed him.

A gate stopped us in our way, but cool, not jazzed at all, Logfella had the key.

However, past the gate, across a river, a wolf thing stood in our way. We drew our sword and took our stance to fight.

It was a game of waiting against the wolf thing. We had to wait for it to lunge at us and stirke it before it made painful contact with our face. Our battle instinct help out though, as we could hear a little chime in our head when it would attack.

However, before the final hit could be dealt, the cowardly thing fled. We felt that would not be the last of him. We continued to follow Logfella and his non-jazzyness.

At last we arrived at our destination, Mingi Taw

After Logfella went to sit down, we noticed a plaque with a picture of sword and a rainbow. We did not like the latter.

Standing beneath the loathsome thing, we drew our sword.

Doing so opened the path in the mounitan. Logfella seemed pretty jazzed for some one who was not jazzed.

Felling super smart, we entered the mouth of Mingi Taw.

Inside, it was dark and hard to focus on a spot to move. However our Sythain training allowed us to hold and feel our way around the halls.

Past the spooky darkness of the mouth, we headed into the real goal.

We went thourgh the big door in the middle, cause it was big and important looking.

Again, the big, middle door was the most appealing one to go through.

At last, there it was. The Megatome. The only thing that stood between us and it was some bone hands

Feeling our sword stir in it's sheath, we reached for it and whacked the book out of the bone hands.

Then we ran. A horror that we never hope to see arosed from the Megatome's resting place. By focusing on the entrance, we could make a mad dash out of there.

Dispite our great running skills, the horror caught up to us and possesed a statue nearby. So the fight began. We had to wait for the living statue to attack and block it to knock it back, leaving it open to stirke. We could tell know many stirkes were to be coming to our face by the times the living statue banged its shield.

After move it move it-ing out of the Mingi Taw, Logfella was ready to do the same. With the joy of the Megatome in hand, we could not help but sing a little song in our heart, even with the damp storm.

The sight of Logfella's house and the idea of the warm fire was a welcomed sight. We moved it moved it inside.

We got the Megatome and we are the smartest.