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Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP Walkthrough Session IV : Our Woeful Errend

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We awoke from our deep sleep to a worried Logfella about how Girl had gone missing. We knew it was time to complete our woeful errend. First we had to activate the power of the Dark Moon Trigon in the Trigon Grotto

After activating all the Trigons power, a rainbow appeared in the center of the Grotto. We stood under it a drew our sword.

We had been teleported to Mingi Taw and the Gogolithic Mass was awaiting for us. We could use our Sworcery on its skull face to slow it down. Also, a faint glow of Girl was there and we followed her.

She led us to a gate with the Trigon Trifecta above it. We used our Sworcery to focus and hold on the emblem.

Past the gate it became a race up the hill against the Gogolithic Mass. We had to stop to catch our breath every how and again, as all this Sworcery and Trigon stuff was getting to us. We could still

Near the top was our old friend, Mister Wolf Thing. He played the same game, but this time there was no running.

We continued to run up the mountain after dealing with the wolf thing. We were so close.

At the top, we had to slash the Trigon's places to activate them. Dodging around the Gogolithic Mass and using our Sworcery to stun it, we hit all three stones.

The highest point began to glow. We went up our sword to summon the Whirling Infinite.

408-634-2806? Sounds like a phone number.

At the summit of Mingi Taw we uploaded the Megatome to the eternal safety of the Whirling Infinite.

So our woful errend was over. We are cosmic friends forever.