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TRON: Evolution Walkthrough Chapter 7: End of line

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Now you go to save quorra.

You jump from one wall to the other.

Defeat enemies on the way.

You need to walk on the wall by jumping ssimultaneously.

You destroy the enemies present there.

Then in the end you jump from this platform to get hold of one ship.

You get hold of the ship and keep moving.

You objective is to locate quorra.

So you keep moving and jumpinf from walls to grab grip points.

Get to the wall and grap the grip point.

Kill all the enemies present there.

You can access the disc for upgrades

Use your mag disc so as to get to other side.

Defeat all the enemies present there.

Also defeat the ones coming from the boxes.

Activate these points.

Now get to the other side of the bridge.

Kill all the enemies present there.

You need to activate these points.

Press SPACE to activate them.

Then you reach the top throught the elevator.

Here you jump on the lines.

Here we go. Now you keep moving.

Kill the enemy present in the way.

Then you jump from the lines to the other side of platfrom.

You have to defeat these enemies.

Then you walk on the wall and get to grip point.

Here we jump to get hold of grip point.

Simultaneously you use your mag disc to get to the platform.

Now get to the other side by walking on the wall.

Here you need to get on the lines again to proceed further.

Keep going to the end and watch out for trams.

In the end you get to the platform and defeat the enemies.

Finally you need to walk in the alley between the two wall.

Then jump in the hole at the end of the way.

Here you reach from the hole.

Get to the door.

The door opens and you get to the other side.

In here you can find enemies. Kill all of them using your disc.

Get inside the room to the other side.

You need to get to the other side without getting touched by any beams.

Next you go through the door to the end of room.

Kill the enemies present in there.

Proceed throught the door.

You need to get down so you literally jump.

Down here you first destroy the enemies.

Later on activate the platforms.

Press SPACE to activate it.

Down you can see racing grid.

So you use your life cycle.

In the end you reach her.

You can upgrade yourself at disc station.

Get to the top and keep moving.

You can see quorra with clu.

You need to defeat the enemies.

Defeat the black guards using your powerful attacks.

Also kill the remaining enemies.

Stay away from the balls thrown by them.

Kill all of them using your disc.

You can clu hurting quorra.

But all of sudden abraxas appears.

Clu throws quorra down.

Now you need to defeat abraxas.

Hit the reactors abraxas gain powers from.

Also activate the power points simultaneously.

Hit the reactors when abraxas collects power form it.

Finally you are to defeat abraxas.

However abraxas overloads the reactor.

You need to hit it with the bomb disc.

You run to quorra to save her.

You jump of the platform.

All of sudden the ship also blows.

Finally you save quorra by sacrificing yourselves.

In the end the creator finds quorra.This ends the game.