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TRON: Evolution Walkthrough Chapter 4: Combatant

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Look out for enemies while driving lightcycle.

Also look out for the roads broken at ends.

Finally you are out of the zone.

Now you need to get into the game grid.

Access disc station for upgrades.

Keep moving and in the way you can find enemies whom you need to defeat.

You acquire a disc.

Hit the switches visible to you.

Kill all the enemies present there.

Use your disc to attack the switch.

Look out for switches in the area.

As all the four are hit the door opens up.

Now you need to locate gibson.

Take help of your mag disc to get attached to mag point.

Finally you need to reach to the end and climb the wall.

Get to the end of the way.

Now you need to walk on the wall so as to get to the other side.

Finally you can meet gibson in locked container.

Now you are in game grid.

You need to kill the enemies to survive the rounds.

The rounds get tougher and the enemies get increased.

Finally you face with this program.

But gibson destroys it.