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TRON: Evolution Walkthrough Chapter 3: Arija

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Listen to the conversations between them.

Now you need to infiltrate arija city.

Head upwards through the wall.

Get to the other side of the tunnel.

Kill all the enemies in the way.

Here you enter a room.

Get to higher platform.

You do receive disc at some places.

Kill the enemy present there and do use powerful attacks.

Get to the other side by jumping and using your mag disc.

Get inside the door.

Now you need to walk on the wall as well as jump to other side.

Get to the end of the road.

Now you need to jump and run on the wall then jump again.

Keep moving. Use your mag disc to get to the other side.

Jump from the platform and walk on the wall using SHIFT.

You need to go the way shown to you and do whatever necessary.

Get to the top by jumping and walking.

Use your mag disc as many times required.

Head to the top of the other side.

Finally you reach the palce and you have to defeat the enemies.

The door opens and you can proceed through the door.

Now get going to the other side.

Look out for flames at some points during jumping.

Jump to the grip point on the right side.

Look out for the flame lines which will destroy you.

You will come up with the enemy on the way kill him.

Walk on the wall to get to the next platform.

Kill the enemy on thee platform.

Later on get going so as to reach the destination.

Use mag disc to reach the platform whereever necessary.

Now you need to get inside the room.

You can find enemies coming.

Kill all of the enemies and use your powerful attacks.

After having killed all of them the door opens.

Get to the other side using your disc.

Walk on the wall simutaneously by jumping.

Keep moving and watch out for flame lines on the way.

Get to the other side by jumping by pressing SHIFT but look out for flame lines.

Then finally you reach the room in the end.

As soon as you enter enemies come up to attack you.

Defeat all of them.Later on the door opens.

Now get going to the end of the way.

Here you need to use your mag disc.

Coming to this point you may need to use mag disc many times.

Finally you reach the platform. Enemies crawl around you.

You need to use your powerful shots.

You can charge yourself at ETCs

Finally you need to defeat this enemy.

You need to jump from this type of light to get charged for powerful attacks.

In the end after defeating the enemy the door opens up.

You meet quorra there.

Listen to the conversations.

Now you need to find flynn.

So get going the way shown to you.

You reach the plaza.

Kill all the enemies present there.

Use your mag disc to head upwards.

Keep going so as to fing flynn.

Walk on the wall and then jump using SPACE.

Finally you reach here. You can upgrade yourself.

In the end you are in the arija theatre. You need to defeat the enemies.

Later activate the beams.

Kill all the enemies appearing.

Activate the other one.

Then the grid is getting destroyed.

So you need to move on the dice.

Use your mag disc so as to head upwards.

Wall on the wall as everything gets destroyed.

Finally use your mag disc to head upwards.

Now you need to keep moving so as to reach the destination.

You enter this room in the end.

You find enemies and you need to destroy them using your disc.

After taking all the enemies switch all the buttons.

You reach the room and find enemies.

After defeating the enemies you can get to the door.

Now you need to go the way shown to you.

Use your mag disc to get to the other side.

Now you are given tank.

You need to destroy all the enemies.

Also look out for the enemies in the air.

Kill all the enemies on the ground.

Finally you reach the place and move out.