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The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena Walkthrough The Dark Athena - Main Decks

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Jump on top of the two mercs.

Talk to Dacher on the nearby comm station.

Wait for some drones to open the door for you. Then proceed down the corridor and go on your first left.

Two unarmed mercs will be near the drone control station. When you kill them use the pod controls.

You will take control over a drone. Even if your drone dies in combat you can take another one until you kill every enemy.

In the right corridor you will see a locked fan. Shoot the padlock with blue light to unlock it.

Walk towards the spinning fan with the drone. This will play a cutscene in which the drone destroys the fan.

Get another drone and walk through the destroyed fan passage, then go down the corridor on the left.

Kill all of the incoming enemies to make your way safer.

Once the path is clear leave the drone control pod. Then wait for the door to the control room be opened. There shouldn't be any enemies on the other side if you have already killed them with your drones.

When you pass the stopped fan again you can find the armory near it. You can take assault rifles from there.

Close to the armory you will find a room with ladder. Climb up.

Jump down the other side.

Keep fighting through the corridor going to your right until you reach the gravity core level.