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The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena Walkthrough The Dark Athena - Drone Labs

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Fight some mercs in the first room then shoot the windows to pass.

Climb over some crates to get to the other side.

Kill a few scientists in the operation room.

A guy named Miles is there. He is in the process of being converted to a drone. You can end his suffering if you wish.

You will find a ventilation hatch very close to the operation room, next to a med station. Get down the vent there.

Kill some enemies in the next room and go through the breakable windows, then immediately turn right.

You will find a passage where you can jump down.

A cutscene will play. Some merc will send drones against you. Keep killing them until they stop coming.

After all the drones are dead climb up the boxes to reach the comm station.

When you use the station to talk to Dacher, get outside to the next corridor.

A mech will start to chase Riddick.

Run up the corridor and try not to get killed.

When you climb the first corridor go to the corridor on your right and just keep going forward without detours.

You will reach a large room with a 'trap door' in the middle of it.

Try to lure the mech to stand on top of this grate.

When the mech walks over the grate, press the red button to open the 'trap door'.

A cutscene plays. The mech is not destroyed. Riddick jumps after it.

The mech can be shot down now. When you kill the driver, Riddick will take the mech for a ride.

Keep moving forward and clear the way of any enemies.

You will find a mech repair station. Go forward to the airlock to end the level.