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The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena Walkthrough The Dark Athena - Hangar Bay

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Two mechs are patroling the hangar. You will have to sneak your way around them and go to the controls on top.

When you reach the controls use the last console to power up the ship.

Next you need to activate the elevator from the first console.

Climb on top of the elevated platform.

Look up the ship and redirect the turret.

Then get back in the controls booth and use the third console to test the ship weapons.

The ship will fire at the windows and break them. The mechs will be sucked in outer space.

See Dacher through the airlock windows. He will give you a sign to wait.

Pass the airlock once it opens.

Get inside the room with the glowing terminal.

Dacher is dead and you are attacked from behind. Fight Revas, the leader of the ship.

Riddick escapes in a pod but gets shot down by Revas.

His escape pod crashes on a nearby planet.