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The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena Walkthrough Aguerra Prime - Water Purification Plant

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Move towards the dark side of the rocks.

You will see a pipe on your left. Get inside it.

At the end of the tunnel you will see someone getting shot.

Look up to your left from there and find a spot to climb.

Climb up some rickety stairs and jump over the chasm.

Then climb to proceed.

After you kill some drones in a dark area, move through a narrow corridor to find a ladder. Climb up there.

Climb a second ladder to get outside.

Jump down on your left and go towards the door.

Jump down here.

Then look up to your right and grab the ledge. Keep moving to your left from there.

Get over the small roof to continue.

Grab onto another ledge and go to your left.

Another climb next to a door.

The small path will lead you to another ledge you can grab.

From there you have to look up and grab onto the hangrail.

Drop down on the first platform you see.

Go across a plank and get up the ladder.

After you climb the ladder you will have to jump to the platform in front of you.

Climb on top of one more ladder.

Then grab the ledge and go left.

Go forward and jump down to the door with green light.

In this room you will find controls to redirect the waste flow.

Afterwards go through the pump room.

Surprise a drone that is coming up, then go down the stairs.

Follow the railings towards a dead end in the pump room.

When you can't go any further look to your left and you will see a door with green light. Get through there.

Climb up above you once you get out.

Then use the hangrail to go across.

At the end of the tunnel you will see a crate. Jump on top of it.

You can climb up to a higher place from the crate.

Climb a ladder and go through a door on the right.

Get inside the door with New Venice South sign.

When you reach a closed door look to your left and jump down.

You will crash behind a drone. Take him out.

Jump down when you see a discarded grate.

When you reach the big pipe you will find your way to the next level.