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The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena Walkthrough Aguerra Prime - New Venice South

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At the end of the pipe you will see a ladder, climb it. On the surface you will see several drones patroling this small town hub. Don't try to attack them when they are all together in one place.

Wait for them to split up, then take them out one by one.

The town hub can be explored by various ways. Take your time and attack the drones when they are alone.

When you reach an apartment that is near the shore, two drones will be there.

Once you kill every enemy in this area you can talk to an old guy in the apartment the two drones were trying to bust in before.

Pavlo will tell you where you can get a SCAR gun, but he wants you to bring him back a gas mask. To get both you need to go to the supply depot.

Backtrack to where you saw the first group of drones.

A few more drones will be here now. They will be close to the supply depot gate so you can't miss it.

Use the keypad on the right to open the gate.

Follow the path that leads around the big rock in the center to reach the supply depot.

To get inside the depot building you need to climb the ladder first.

You will find a vent hatch near a crate. Use it to enter the depot.

Grab the SCAR gun from a crate inside.

Then pick up the gas mask from a shelf.

You can use your SCAR gun to destroy the yellow rickety door.

Use your new gun to shoot the crates blocking your way.

Backtrack to the apartment of Pavlo. Beware the spider turrets that have been deployed along the way. Destroy them with the SCAR gun before they can shoot back.

You will find Pavlo dead in his apartment. Time to get out of here.

Head towards the building you see as you get outside Pavlo's apartment

Start climbing up when you reach the building.

Hop on a small box to be able to reach the next ledge.

Use the SCAR gun to destroy this door and get inside.

Jump down here and enter the greenlit door.