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The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena Walkthrough Aguerra Prime - Old Town

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Once you go outside you will see a place where you can jump down. Get inside the vent there.

You will find ahead, a place that says arena access control, blast it's door open.

Press the button inside there. That will open the gate to the arena behind you.

When you enter the arena you will have to fight a few waves of enemies.

After you kill enough smaller enemies an alpha drone will drop.

When you kill the alpha climb on the platform in the center.

Look up and shoot the yellow button with your SCAR gun to activate the platform and go up.

Drop down a hole under some 'peace' graffiti.

Press the blue button to open the gate to the next level.

Jump down to the main arena and go out through the open gate.

Fight your way across some winding passages and beware a few alpha drones. The gate under the giant lights will lead you to the refinery.