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The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena Walkthrough Aguerra Prime - Refinery

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You can find a sniper rifle in the first room on your right, placed near a glowing monitor.

Press the hand recognition device to activate the elevator.

When the elevator stops you will be in an area with some crates. Stand behind one crate and start pushing it towards the wall with the climbable ledge with the help of your SCAR gun.

Once the crate is close enough to the wall you can hop on it and then grab the ledge to go up.

Next look up to climb a hangrail and go across a chasm.

Use the rail-track computer that is nearby.

Four mercs will come outside a gate labelled 9. Get inside there when you kill them.

Shortly after you will find yourself in an area with some cylindrical looking platforms.

Climb a ladder to the top of the cylinders.

Next to one of the cylinders on the second floor you will find computer controls on which you can 'unlock containment sector'.

Drop to the ground and move around the platforms. If you see two crates under a light you are on the right path.

Go through a big corridor going left after the two crates you passed.

You will find a well guarded gate with number 9 on it again. Fight your way inside.