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The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena Walkthrough Aguerra Prime - Starport

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You will reach a gate that closes right in front of you. Turn around and search for some cables glowing with lights.

The cables will lead you to two spots which you need to shoot at the same time with your SCAR. Doing so will lower a ladder.

Get up the ladder.

Get across the iron bars and then go to your left.

Destroy the spider turrets before they can shoot you. You might get pushed off by them.

Move past the big container to the right.

Two spider turrets will be guarding a lift. Use the yellow button to get up.

When you reach an outside area you will be attacked by an alpha drone. When you kill it, search for a cylindrical looking structure. Climb up using the ladder.

Go around the cylindrical structures and enter a small passageway with red light.

You will end up above some enemies. Take them out and jump down.

When you go right from where the mercs were grouped you will find controls to rail power.

Go right and move past the container.

On the other side two alpha drones are waiting for you. When you kill them a mech will attack you.

To defeat the mech boss you need to use the grenades from the dead alpha drones.

Once the mech is down approach his body to take an ID card.

Use the keypad at the end of the room to open the way to the ship airlock.