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The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena Walkthrough Return to the Dark Athena

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Use the keypad at the end of the hall. The ID card you have will give you access to every keypad.

Use the comm controls in the next room to talk to the little girl.

Wait for the doors to open. The drones will kill the mercs that are waiting on the other side.

Follow the corridor on the left.

When you reach a big room go to the right and find an elevator going to the executive deck.

When you step out of the elevator go through the first door on the left.

Use the alpha drone control station inside.

Kill anything that stands in your way with the drone. Use the rockets to kill any clumped enemies.

When you find a room with 'cutouts' go to your right and look up for a vent.

The little girl will be waiting for you.

She will climb on top of the drone. You will have to carry her to another vent.

Lynn will tell you when you have to make a turn. Just follow her instructions and move through the corridors with most enemy resistance.

When you find another vent with green lights you can drop her off.

Afterwards you will leave the drone automatically. Exit the drone control room and go through the next door that is partially blocked by a dead alpha drone.

You will enter a big hall with red glowing pillars. Prepare for the final boss fight.

Captain Revas will attack you in a power armor. Using normal weapons on her is useless.

To defeat her you have to open the elevator doors first by shooting the yellow button with your SCAR gun. Next you have to start pusing her back towards the elevator shaft with the SCAR.

When you push her back enough a cutscene will play.

Congratulations! You have completed 'The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena'.