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The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena Walkthrough Aguerra Prime - Village Square

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Go to your left and destroy the planks.

Then climb up.

Kill the drones and go to your right through a tunnel.

You will reach a large round area. Proceed up the stairs.

When you reach the gates at the end an Alpha Drone will bust in. Prepare for a tough fight.

The Alpha Drone is immune to normal weapons. To kill him you need to stun him first with at least 4 SCAR shots.

The explosions from the SCAR gun will stun him long enough for you to get close and finish him. Press the 'use' button when you are near the stunned drone.

To proceed you need to take a grenade from the alpha drone's body.

And throw it at the gas bottles that are inside the entrance the drone busted out from.

Pass through the newly created hole.