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The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena Walkthrough Aguerra Prime - New Venice North

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Go to your right and shoot the yellow button with your SCAR gun. This will extend a bridge you can walk across.

Enter the small building on your left to find the communications center. Activate the video-link there.

A citizen of the planet will ask you to destroy some satellite dishes spread around the town.

The first satellite will be in front of you when you exit the communications building. Destroy it with your SCAR gun.

You will see the second satellite when you turn around. It's up on the cliffs behind the comm building.

You need to backtrack to the Village Square level to destroy the third satellite. It will be in view when you stand on the round area outside.

Open the gate in the Village Square to backtrack to New Venice South.

You will find the fourth satellite in the north-east corner of New Venice South.

The fifth and last satellite can be found just to yout left on a cliff when you enter the Supply Depot area.

Now go all the way back to New Venice North and speak to the hooded man again.

To cross this area go to your right and enter the building you see.

Go up some stairs that are hidden in shadow to the right in the building.

Get down the stairs on your left.

Go to your right from here.

You will find a place to climb up.

Climb down a ladder.

Next you will find a sewer entrance. Use the SCAR gun to open it and go down.

Afterwards you will find an elevator shaft. Look up and you will see four 'knobs' holding the elevator up. Shoot them all at the same time with your SCAR to bring the elevator down.