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The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena Walkthrough The Dark Athena - Alternator

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Sneak behind the drone you see.

And use his gun to destroy the cracked glass.

Step outside and follow the ledge.

A cutscene plays. You need to climb up there. Beware the floodlights. When you are spotted they will start shooting you, and that will make climbing very difficult.

First climb the ladder.

Jump to the containers on the other side.

Climb up.

Move around some containers and then climb up.

After a couple of more climbed containers you will see a vent with green lights. Get inside there.

When you exit the vent you will sneak up on a drone.

Kick open the grating near the drone you just killed.

Drag the body of the drone inside that vent.

When you reach the end of the vent, use the drone's gun to destroy the glass above. Move inside through the broken windows.

Deal with a few more enemies on your way.

Get down a vent.

You will find a technician working there. Kill him and get a stungun from him.

Backtrack the vent and go up the stairs, then go through the now unlocked door. Beware some drones that just entered.

The next place is guarded by a few drones, climb up the ladder you see.

Jump across the container to reach the door with green light.

Keep climbing up until you reach a hangar area.

Navigate this place while hiding from the floodlights.

Get on the first lift you see.

Climb over some boxes on your left.

Get on a second lift.

Then go to your right and get on a third lift.

Keep going to your left until you reach a lift near a door with red light. Jump down on the lift.

Kill a drone and use the elevator lift button. You will get the tools you need from here.

The elevator will slowly start to descend. Kill any enemies with the drone gun while you're going down.

Climb up a ladder with orange light.

Jump up the ledge here and crawl inside through the window you shot before.

Climb up to the vent to get back to the cells.