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The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena Walkthrough The Dark Athena - Cargo Bay

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A cutscene plays. Riddick and Johns are detained on the large mercenary ship The Dark Athena.

Riddick acquires a weapon by chance.

Move towards the end of the corridor.

When you enter the next hall you will see a keypad on your right. Attempt to enter a code even if you don't know it.

Find a place to hide and wait for a drone to come and investigate. Take him out from behind.

To proceed you need to take the drone's gun and shoot the glass windows near you. Enter the next area through there.

Climb up on top of some boxes and grab the hangrail that is over them. Enter the vents at the other side.

When you enter the vents a cutscene plays. Riddick meets a little girl hiding in there.

At the end of the vents you need to look down to be able to grab a ledge to continue forward.

A cutscene will play when you reach the other side. The cutscene shows that a drone can be controlled by a human, which is indicated by white instead of red lights on it's helmet. That means the drones will have better reaction times and become more dangerous.

You will find a med station next. Go down the ladder on your right to continue.

Two drones are waiting in the next corridor. Get down another ladder when you kill them.

When you get down the second ladder, grab the ledge and go all the way to the other side.

A cutscene plays. Riddick spots a worthy prize for himself.

Get back to the shaft where you traversed the long ledge and look down. You will see a vent glowing. Jump down and open it.

A cutscene plays. Riddick gets his signature ulaks from a merc.

Get up the ladder to get a better view of the next area.

Use stealth and the environment to your advantage to clear out the place. Don't attempt a direct attack on your enemies while you have only melee weapons.

Go inside the room with the green light once you kill the drones.

Get up the lift.

Use the crane controls.

Climb down the ladder next to the controls. Then jump on top of the crane you just activated to get to the other side above the chasm.

Deal with another group of drones in this area.

At the end of this area, climb up the boxes on your right.

Then climb up the crate with red glowing lights.

The vent will lead you to the next level.